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My poem

My buddy giraffe
Agrees that MSN is an acceptable portal of communication on the Internet
My buddy penski
Always protects me from bullies
My buddy giraffe
When Tommy shoved my face into the mulch and called me a geek, penski was there to stick up for me.
My buddy penski
Always walked me home from school
My buddy giraffe
I couldn't take the bus
My buddy penski
I got bullied on the bus, even by the driver
My buddy giraffe
He would yell at me to put away my stupid Japanese comics and would rip up the pages in front of everyone
My buddy penski
Never liked my comics, but accepted my interests and accepted me as a person
My buddy giraffe
He was the only one who didn't laugh when I did my book report on otaku culture
My buddy penski
When I checked out manga from the library, the librarians would intentionally make the alarms near the doors go off so people would notice and laugh. But then giraffe complained to the city.
My buddy giraffe
Was the only one who didn't make fun of my acne and make popping motions with his hands and laugh everytime he saw me.
My buddy penski
Doesn't use derogatory terms like "weeaboo"  to describe me.
My buddy giraffe
Rarely uses mean adjectives to describe me
My buddy penski
Always here for me
My buddy giraffe
For ever and ever
My buddy penski
pen-chan aishiteru <3

Fukken bloggin

I blog so hard you other bloggers can't fukken blog at half my blogign power fukken faggot shit blogs fuck all you blogs you bloggin shit.  Fucken that indian guy with the blog he wants you to check is like second to me in blogging power, you wish you had my blog skillz I could blog 5 times before you even blog one fukken blogs, hxc blogs.  4 lyfe.

my day

Today I played around with my Tohsaka Rin and Revoltech Yotsuba figurines. I put Yotsuba up against my clock so now she is always there to remind me of when any new anime is coming on! Also I made a delicious Pepperoni and Sausage pizza today that the loli didn't like too much, but that's ok because she just went off to bed. Also today Bats accused me of stalking, he is so silly sometimes, I kinda envy his relationship with wolfman but then again she's a porker. All in all it was a very boring day, if I could take it back, I would. Nicole seems to have a new name for me which is "moleaboo". It looks like those guys are never gonna let me live it down, oh well they will understand the power of Niipon. Well that's just about it for today. bye fayg0ts. 




I keep a bottle of pills beside my bed just in case I want to take a bunch. My hopes are that I never wake up.

...I... ...never... ...wake... ...up...


Hold me?


U ever see  1 shoe on the side of the road? What's up w/ that bro? 

Maybe there actually was two shoes, but you only saw one because God hates you. fgt. 


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habbo mods r haters ;_;

srs question guise

Today I found out that mole is a weeaboo .


just woke up

 I just woke up, i still need a shower. i had scary dreams last night too. well livejournal. you've been good to me so far so you're my first friend of the day.